What is Horde?

Horde is an innovative symbiosis between a zero membership DaaS with stable coin protocols and an in development P2E zombie defence game, all integrated into a feeless ecosystem.

Your plots

Claim your plot with 10 HORDE tokens and earn at least 300% ROI.


Upgrade your plots with NFTs to increase your rewards in multiple ways.

P2E Game

Fight against hordes of zombies. Coming soon.

Souls paper

Here you will find more information about HORDE.

  • A completely unique sustainable DaaS with a realistic payout structure.
  • No membership, free to compound, all in a feeless ecosystem, with only a 10% tax on sales, preventing swing trading of our tokens value.
  • P2E zombie defence game with multiple NFT utilities coming soon, and the ability to play with friends.
  • NFT scenes, weapons, and skins, make your plot customisable with some even boosting rewards.
  • Choose your own plot on the HORDE map and join one of the four factions to get your unique Discord role.
  • Our reward system is based on stable coin tokenomics, this ensures the sustainability of our ecosystem.
  • Unique Stablised Payout Protocol. Our smart contract uses the same strategy as a stable coin, to ensure the sustainability of our reward system.
  • Each community verified wallet within our Discord, gets a fair vote to decide what the new monthly price threshold should be, starting at $100 per HORDE token, $1000 per plot.
  • Each time the treasury hits 100k we will ask the community to vote on a range of DeFi projects to invest in.

Road map

2022 Q1

  • KYC by assure
  • Website launch
  • Token launch on Souls swap
  • Souls paper v1.0
  • Certik Audit on launch
  • Epic community giveaways
  • 3X NFT scenes to boost rewards
  • Initiate apocalyptic marketing strategy

2022 Q2

  • Souls paper v2.0
  • NFT with new utilities - More scenes, zombie trophies and monuments
  • Website 2.0

2022 Q3

  • Horde game launch
  • NFT skins for weapon, characters, buildings and much more
  • HORDE Live; a live stream where the winners of monthly accolades can play in real time, in front of the community for a huge reward multiplier


Taxes / Fees
  • 0% buy
  • 10% sell - this is a swing trade prevention method. Used along with our price threshold (currently $95-105)
  • No claim fees, one of many benefits of our feeless ecosystem.
Liquidity management
  • Unique Stabilised Payout Protocol.
  • Our smart contract uses the same strategy as a stable coin, to ensure the sustainability of our reward system.
Launch dApp


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Walter White

Chief Executive Officer

Sarah Jhonson

Product Manager

William Anderson


Amanda Jepson



Frequently Asked Questions

HORDE tokens will be able to be bought from SOULS SWAP at launch.

Purchase 10 HORDE tokens for each plot and go to the HORDE official website.

A basic plot without any scene upgrade or attachments will reward you with 0.1 HORDE a day. Meaning minimum 300% on maximum 300 days. This is again without ANY type of attachment.

The exact same moment your plot is live, you start to receive your daily rewards (including plots purchased before game launch).

This is like a hedge fund in crypto space, except we are focusing on investing in leading high yield and Metaverse protocols that we want to integrate into with our game in the near future, all voted for by our community. The team will make a poll on multiple projects that are suitable for our criteria, every time the treasury reaches $100k. The poll system is an Each community verified wallet gets a fair vote, in order to decide the investment, limited to only one vote per member to prevent any form of manipulation and keep it community driven.

Yes, a minimum of 1 plot must be owned to access the free play version of the game, you can purchase HORDE NFT Scenes to enable booster rewards and P2E bonus.

No, basic plots will earn rewards just the same, regardless of if you play the game or not. NFT Scenes upgrades will also continue to pay booster rewards. Of course, not playing the game, means you miss out on P2E bonuses and competitions.

No, we have a feeless ecosystem.

We have no plans to burn tokens, the supply is what we expect to be suitable for the project.

We will be doing an private KYC and audit before launch.

Certik Audit will be paid, and arranged right after the presale.

No, the same as other protocols, once a plot is created, you spend your tokens, and the reward mechanism starts for your plot.

Yes, but not all the NFTs… You will be able to sell your NFT scene upgrades such as Shelter, cabin, and military base in a secondary marketplace, but only once unstaked from your plot. Decaying NFTs like ‘Landmines’, ‘Security Fences’ and ‘Laserguns’ will not be available on the secondary marketplace, they will only be available through our official links found on our website.

60% Reward pool.
20% Treasury.
20% Horde Pool.
(See whitepaper for more details)

We are focused on investing in Metaverse style projects and other high yield protocols that our community vote for. These funds will be one of many mechanisms we have built in to not only maintain sustainability but will help us later launch in many metaverses.

Yes, it's a multisig wallet, and cannot just be rugged, stolen or hacked.

Each community verified wallet gets a fair vote, to decide.

Yes, a maximum of 100 plots will be owned by any individual wallet.

The decaying plots are designed within the protocol to create a new standard of reward payout sustainability.
We reward plot owners a 300% ROI, we do not offer unrealistic ‘lifetime’ payouts.
This system creates new opportunities for different node building strategies.
Will you claim your ROI and compound 2, or maybe compound all 3 and maximize your rewards by having no claim tax?
This dynamic is an exciting new way to create forms of passive node income, all captured within a P2E game with NFT add ons.

The website is deploy with firebase behind cloudflare.
Our website is a serverless Single App Page. Meaning that when you reach our domain, it's actually cloudflare load balancer that capture it and distribute you all the files needed to run the dApp with their CDN. Once it's loaded on your device, unless you purge the cache, the dApp will communicate with the blockchain only.
So a DDoS will have to take down a big chunk of the internet to get us down. And it'll only take down anyone that did not already loaded the dApp.